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 What we do 

 We help your Business
to save the most valuable assets
time, money and endless efforts of your staff
by providing all B2B Services for International Companies looking for reliable manufacturers, suppliers and Services providers in Turkey .

Why choose us? 

 Sourcing, importing, purchasing wholesale products for sale from Turkey is quite easy. Nevertheless, small, medium or big size enterprises always feel stressed and struggles to find the right & reliable supplier(s) with reasonable prices & high quality products/services, especially nowadays when facing thousands of various inexperienced suppliers all over the Globe and the Internet.


'Enterprise-Turkey' feels responsible for helping various size Clients to offer reliable manufacturers and products from Turkey, helping them to avoid all kinds of potential risks.


 We follow everything - everyday. 


Our services includes

Trade Consulting & Project Management

Product - Manufacturer - Service Provider Research, Selection, Background-check, Factory Visitation, Samples Arrangement,

Quality Inspection, various Logistics Solutions, 

Consistent Follow up & the most importantly instant Communication and problem-solving on behalf of your Company and Staff, taking away all burden from your shoulders, ensuring that all processes

will be smooth and under control.


What could be better than

having such a partner for your Export - Import Business. 


Negotiation with manufacturers/suppliers 


 In the past 5 years, we’ve supported many SME's to build and scale their businesses.Unlike the most inspection companies which only sends you inspection reports, we establish & maintain relations with each manufacturer/supplier and help you negotiate on behalf of you.

We are

 experienced and global thinking company 

 multilingual and professional staff 

 working only with reliable partners and clients 

 quick response to conditions & market changes 

 saving your Business time & money while providing all-in-one services.

 Our Obligations 

 to place your company's interests above our own 

 to act honestly and in the overall best interests of the clients 

 to act with exclusive care and attention to detail 

 to prevent all potential risks and mistakes

 to aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

We are always looking forward to hear your needs and we hope to start another successful journey with you! 

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